To help create a modern menopause experience, enabling every woman to take control and be ready for this new life phase.


To globally serve menopausal women, to support and to connect them on their journey to thrive and be seen.​


A world where there's a more modern menopause experience and women flourish; confidently entering this natural life stage with support, sanity, humour, and control.​

Where this exclusive milestone is a celebration. Accompanied by supportive friends and tailormade solutions for your individual well-being.

What do we do?

We Connect

We create community for a better collective understanding of menopause. A space to connect, explore and celebrate this natural phase of life and all it brings.

We Educate

Filling in the gaps, we share the knowledge and bring in experts so that everyone can be as informed as possible about this defining time.

We Solve

We listen, learn and invent hand in hand with you to evolve and develop beneficial products and services that bring ease and address individual, varying needs.

In order to champion progression, change and feeling great. Acknowledging every misdiagnosed, misappropriated and misunderstood menopause experience.

Meet our team

Innovators on a mission within the women’s healthcare space. A breakaway unit within Essity, with fierce credentials as creators of Bodyform and TENA. Armed with start-up energy, flexibility and fire.

We are change agents. We unapologetically focus on supporting and understanding women transitioning through the life stage of menopause.

image team

Janet McQuillan

Issviva UK Manager​

image team

Cristina Arbelaez

Issviva Global Director​

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Charlotte Gulcimen

Issviva UK

image team

Rafael Proença

Issviva Brazil Manager

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Priscila Napolitano

Issviva Brazil

Our presence

learning about

your menopause journey

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About our products

Issviva works hard to design, develop and evolve beneficial and science-based products and services that address varying needs for this new life phase.​

What does Issvivamean?

Issviva means to be alive!

Issviva is dreaming, making, creating. A community stating that a better menopause is for the taking. Conceived from a desire to not settle, not simply cope, not quietly exist. Innovators furiously galvanised. And you.

Journeying together against the fog of misinformation, ignorance and misrepresentation. Breathing life into Issviva, a community creation. Those who demand more and are tired of the darkness.

We’re co-creators with all of you, developing solutions that enable you to take control and ease your specific needs at this life stage.

Because menopause won’t stop you. Titled menopause or not, our transformation is real and we call for vivacious long living.


won'tstop you!

You are invited to join the conversation and be part of our journey to break barriers and taboos around menopause for women all over the globe.

Because YOU should keep moving.