Coaching during menopause often emphasizes several key aspects to support women through this significant life transition.

Menopause coaching focuses on holistic well-being and addressing the physical, emotional, and psychological changes that occur during this phase.

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Intimate Symptoms

Relaxation massages and their importance in wellbeing

Relaxation massages can be considered as an ancient technique to obtain both physical and mental benefits...

Body Symptoms

Colitis: Find out what it is and what its symptoms and causes are

We explain what the colitis is, what are its causes and its link to menopause, how it is treated and what you can do to prevent it.

Body Symptoms

Benefits of fibre and how to integrate it into your diet

Did you know that some scientists have found that eating more fibre improves symptoms of depression?

Body Symptoms

Loss of appetite: why does it happen?

Loss of appetite for a day or two may mean nothing. But if you've already had several weeks or months

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Slow metabolism, is there anything I can do to improve it?

Have you noticed that around menopause, it's easier to gain weight and harder to lose it? This phenomenon...

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Nutritional supplements: which ones are needed and why?

For most people taking daily nutritional supplements isn’t necessary. A balanced diet is sufficient to

Self Image Symptoms

Healthy weight: why is it so difficult to control during menopause?

All bodies are different and there are many factors that interfere with each person's physical condition.  




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