World Menopause Day: when and why is it celebrated?

Menopause is a wonderful time full of changes; therefore, it must be celebrated. World Menopause Day is a special date to remind us that, as women, we are all going to go through this stage of life. However, it is our responsibility to learn more about the changes that it entails in order to fully enjoy it. We invite you to learn a little more about the history of this special date and join us in celebrating it.

When is World Menopause Day celebrated?

(oct) Día mundial de la menopausia ¿Sabes cuándo se celebra World Menopause Day is celebrated on October 18 every year. It is a commemorative date led by the International Menopause Society (IMS) (1).

A little more about its history

In 2009, the IMS and the World Health Organization (WHO) collaborated to create World Menopause Day. This is an initiative that seeks to support the women of the world through their passage through the menopause and post-menopause. Up to now, this event has been held for more than 10 years (2). There is a theme for each day of celebration and the IMS produces educational materials for both professionals and women. This informative content is very up-to-date and contains the latest scientific and medical advances. In 2022, the central theme was cognition and mood. Furthermore, its informative material refers to memory problems. In previous years it has been about (1,2):

What are the goals of World Menopause Day?

The main purpose of World Menopause Day is to raise awareness about this stage of life in women. We are not only talking about those that are already close to or going through this period, but also about those that are younger. The reason is that it has been shown that healthy habits started in youth can have a positive impact. Also, no woman is exempt from experiencing early menopause; therefore, it is better to be prepare in advance (1). Accordingly, here arethe objectives that this celebration intends to fulfill (1):

  • To educate women about the different stages of menopause
  • Support existing options for the improvement of health and well-being of these women.
  • Teach and discuss different topics of interest, such as menopause treatments and hormone replacement therapy.
  • Encourage professionals and women to participate in the awareness campaign by sharing materials produced by the International Menopause Society.
  • Organise events that involve bringing women and communities together.
  • Generate and share digital content for social networks so that more women can be reached.

Why is this celebration important?

There is no doubt that menopause is a time full of challenges. This is why it is common for some women to feel lost. Well, these celebrations and events aim to provide a solution to this problem. Through continuous education, year after year, the IMS wishes to provide tools to identify and manage symptoms; as well as serve as emotional support (1,3). Participating in World Menopause Day can be the first step to having a fuller and happier life. It can help you get to know your body better and prepare to take care of yourself in middle age (1,3). Menopause is something that all women must go through and with proper care it can be very enjoyable. We invite you to learn and research about this wonderful stage of life and fully enjoy it. References

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