Sleep stress FAQS


Who created the SLEEP + STRESS RESET? 

The SLEEP + STRESS RESET is a collaboration between Issviva Menopause and PhenomX Health. 

The Issviva brand was created specifically to support women going through the menopause by providing a platform where they can join a like-minded community, access advice from experts and find tailored product solutions, especially formulated to relieve their symptoms. Issviva’s purpose is to create a better modern menopause, enabling every woman to take control and be ready for this new life phase.  

PhenomX Health uses precision nutrition, scientific wellness and smarter thinking to help women feel phenomenal. Their digital platform makes personalisation that honours your unique biochemistry more accessible than ever before. Currently focused on women in midlife, their exciting range of programmes combine easy access and innovative technology with advanced phenotyping and contemporary molecular nutrition.  

The programme has been imagined and designed by leading scientists, functional medicine dietitians and clinicians, spearheaded by: 

  • Dr Colleen Fogarty Draper, PhD, RD PhenomX Health and female personalised nutritional translational pioneer.  
  • Dr Jennifer Lovejoy, PhD Translational and Behavioural Sciences, specialist in personalised nutrition, behavioural sciences and lifestyle wellness.  

The team has come together over a shared passion for empowering women through menopause and have designed the programme they wanted for their clients, themselves and their friends and family. 


What’s the Issviva x PhenomX Health SLEEP + STRESS RESET all about? 

PhenomX Health and Issviva have come together to empower women pre- to post-menopause to take control when it comes to sleep and stress.  

Combining cutting-edge science with a holistic approach, we’ve created a 90-day SLEEP + STRESS RESET that gives you the tools, insight and support to transform your life. It’s a journey of self-discovery, designed to help you reset your relationship with sleep and get on top of stress. The result? Getting back to feeling great.  


Why choose the Issviva x PhenomX Health SLEEP + STRESS RESET? 

Menopause is complex. Hormonal changes, psychosocial factors, and lifestyle transitions all add up to sleeping poorly and feeling stressed. Lifestyle and nutritional changes can help, but aren’t always powerful enough to make a difference unless combined and maintained for a meaningful period of time – that’s where the SLEEP + STRESS RESET comes in.  

For 90 days, you can try a specialised nutritional supplement – Issviva ZZZZs – designed to enhance relaxation and promote restful sleep, containing Vitamins B5, B6, ashwagandha and chamomile extracts. More than that, you’ll also track symptoms, learn more about yourself and your habits, and benefit from personalised insights, education, and empowering tools tailored for women's unique needs. Together, the combination is more powerful.

Why does the programme last 90 days? 

Whilst it’s possible to experience the benefits of Issviva ZZZZs in the first few weeks, the cumulative effects of daily supplements and lifestyle changes over 90 days are even more powerful.  

It takes time to change habits and it also takes time for your physiology to adjust, so committing to a real regime change that you’re in control of sets you up for success.  

What’s more, 90 days is the ideal amount of time to form a new habit. By committing for the full three months, you’ll really feel the difference and (hopefully!) keep up the good work for life.   

What exactly do I get as part of the SLEEP + STRESS RESET? 

We are here to keep things simple and help you make changes to reduce your stress and improve your sleep, providing you with:  

  1. Daily premium supplements to improve sleep quality and quantity.
  2. Personalised insights in stress and sleep.
  3. Educational content on menopause, stress management, sleep optimisation and nutrition through webinars and blogs.
  4. Practical tools like meditation to reduce stress and enhance sleep quality.
  5. App-based self-monitoring of symptoms and visualisation of patterns.
  6. Access to exclusive app content.


Who is it for? 

Women – and people who menstruate – who are experiencing perimenopause and menopause hormone sleep and stress changes. If this is something you are experiencing and would like to take steps to reduce stress and improve quality and quantity of sleep, the SLEEP + STRESS RESET is for you.  

Though we use the words ‘woman’ and ‘women’ in our communications, we – of course – very much welcome transgender and gender-nonconforming people who menstruate.

How do the saliva tests work?  
Cortisol, a key stress hormone, is measured through saliva testing. Elevated cortisol levels over an extended period can indicate chronic stress.  

Cortisol levels follow a daily pattern. Saliva testing helps assess whether cortisol patterns are disrupted, which can impact sleep quality and be related to stress, chronic fatigue, and burnout.  

When do I receive the saliva tests? 

You will receive the first cortisol test in the Welcome box, and the second cortisol test in the 4th box at the end of the 90-day programme.  

What do I need to do before taking the test? 

Before taking the test – and on test day – stick to your normal routine. The only thing to be aware of is that it’s important to avoid sport on testing day, as some sports and fitness activities can affect cortisol levels.  

How do I take the tests?  

View the video here. 

How often do I test? 

Each test kit requires you to collect samples 4 times during the day, before each meal-time and before going to bed.  

  • Morning cortisol (at time of awakening) 
  • Noon cortisol (pre-lunch) 
  • Evening cortisol (pre-dinner) 
  • Night cortisol (before bed)   

What happens next? 

Carefully label the samples and keep them in the fridge (if you send in one day) or freezer until you can ship them to the lab. Please do this as soon as possible.  

Approximately two weeks later, you will receive a lab report with your cortisol levels throughout the day.  

As part of the programme, you’ll be invited to a webinar to help you understand how to interpret the report, gain personalised insights and decide on actions to take to improve your sleep and stress status. 

 Is there anything else I need to do before I start and end the programme? 

In addition to the cortisol saliva test, you will self-assess your sleep and stress status through short questionnaires at the beginning and the end of the programme.  

You will also identify your sleep chronotype to further understand your own biochemical uniqueness. 

What is in the ZZZZ food supplements & why do they help? 

Issviva ZZZZs are daily raspberry flavoured gummy supplement to help you drift off and stay asleep. They contain: 


  • ASHWAGANDHA which can help people to fall asleep faster, spend more time asleep, and experience better sleep quality & help control stress. 
  • VITAMIN B6 which contributes to normal psychological function and to the regulation of hormone activity.  
  • VITAMINS B5 which contributes to normal mental performance. 

The full ingredients list includes: sweeteners: maltitol, steviol glycosides; water; gelatine; acid: citric acid; black carrot juice concentrate; natural flavouring; glazing agent: carnauba wax; d-panthothenate, calcium (pantothenic acid), pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin b6); ashwaganda root extract (withania somnifera); chamomile flower extract (matricaria recuitita). 


What should I do if I am already taking supplements  – for example, a daily multivitamin? 

The botanicals and nutrients within some supplements may provide 100% of your daily recommended Nutrient Reference Value (NRV). Please check prior to consuming Issviva ZZZZs. If you’re in any doubt, please contact your local GP for advice before proceeding 

What should I do if I forget to take the Issviva ZZZZs food supplements? 

If you miss a day, do not double-up your dose – simply re-start the daily supplement the following night with the usual dose (2 gummies). 

How often do I take supplements? 

Issviva ZZZZs food supplements are delicious raspberry flavoured supplements. They come in a squishy gummy format so please chew and swallow 2 supplements per day, to be taken at night. 

Please do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Can the food supplements be taken with HRT? 

Yes, Issviva ZZZZs food supplements are safe to take alongside HRT and will not affect the efficacy of this medication

Can’t you just tell me what to do – do I need to track? 

You’re a unique individual – and your menopause journey is unique too. Over the 90-day journey, you’ll have the opportunity to discover and try different tools and techniques – from diet changes to meditation – to find out what works best to boost your energy, manage stress levels and improve sleep quality. 

How often should I track my symptoms? 

Over the 90-day period, you’ll start out tracking every day, though in time you might find that your symptoms stabilise so you need to track less frequently. Here’s the whole story… 

Initial tracking 

Initially, it’s vital to monitor your symptoms frequently to identify patterns and triggers. Tracking is quick and easy – you’ll catalogue symptoms and severity on a 1-10 scale – plus the nutritional and lifestyle changes you’re exploring.  

  • Record your diet and lifestyle changes daily.  
  • Record you have taken your Issviva ZZZs supplement each evening before bed on the "My Nutrition & Lifestyle" page. 
  • Reflect on your symptoms and diet patterns each morning before you start your day – are there correlations and positive changes?  
  • This phase typically lasts for a few weeks.  

Event-based tracking 

Beyond daily tracking, it's essential to log your symptoms whenever there is a significant change, a flare-up, or the emergence of new symptoms. These event-based logs provide valuable information that can be used during follow-up consultations with your healthcare provider.

Tracking to assess lifestyle changes

Lifestyle changes, such as dietary adjustments or supplement regimes, take time to produce noticeable results. It's essential to continue tracking your symptoms regularly, even if changes are subtle, to assess the impact of these modifications over weeks and months.

A flexible tool that aligns with your individual goals

  • Tracking frequency is flexible and adaptable to your evolving health status. 
  • You can use the voice to text recording feature so that it is easy and time efficient. 
  • Your tracking frequency can be aligned with your specific health goals and objectives. For example, if your aim to identify food impact, tracking symptoms around meal and snack times times can be particularly informative.  

Do I need to consult my doctor before starting the programme? 

If you are in any doubt about the suitability of the programme, it’s a good idea to have a chat with your GP before proceeding. 


How do I get in touch with questions? 

Please email ​​– or you can send us a message or voice note on WhatsApp at <>  


Does the programme include nutritional advice? Do I have to go on a diet? 

No, there isn’t a diet to follow. However, the app is packed with useful tools and inspiring information to help you understand how you eat, and how it makes you feel. There's also insight into food and lifestyle choices to explore. Over the 90 days, you might find yourself making healthier choices because they make you feel more energised and less stressed, but this choice is all yours. 


Is there an exercise or fitness element included in the programme? 

No, there’s no fitness or exercise requirement to the reset. That said, you might feel like you have more energy, so it could be a great time to add regular exercise into your routine if you don’t at the moment. ​​For example, a daily 30 min walk – particularly after a meal – can improve your carbohydrate metabolism and stress management. 

How do I track my progress? 

In your PhenomX Health app, your Symptoms Calendar shows colourful dots and suns to illuminate your progress during the programme.  

The Insights feature helps you observe how symptoms evolve over time and the correlation between diet and supplement intake, emotions and symptoms.  

Your final summary report will show how you have progressed over the course of the programme. 


What should I do if I feel unwell during the course of the programme? 

Always consult your GP before starting a new health regime particularly if you are taking medication or have an existing medical condition. If you feel unwell, stop taking the supplements immediately and seek medical advice. 


What happens if I ‘fall off the wagon’ for a few days? 

Let’s be honest – no-one’s perfect, and life happens. If you have a big event or a challenging time, you might forget to track, to take supplements, or to be ‘good’ when it comes to lifestyle changes. And that’s OK.  

Just pick up where you left off, and be honest in your self assessment. Though keeping up a solid routine is ideal, a little slip-up can be an opportunity to see how far you’ve come, understand what adjustments you need to make and stay motivated to keep up the good work. 

Are there any considerations or reasons I should avoid the programme? 

  • If you have received steroid (cortisone) injections during the last 4 weeks or are taking oral steroids like prednisone. 
  • If you have been diagnosed with adrenal diseases (e.g. Cushing’s disease, Addison’s disease). 
  • If you have specific medical conditions or take medications that cause significant dry mouth. 
  • If you have any known intolerance to any of the ingredients in Issviva ZZZZs supplements. 
  • If in doubt, please check with your GP before proceeding 

How much is the reset worth?  

The reset is valued at over £450, so the first 300 subscribers are saving £300+.

Do you have a SLEEP + STRESS RESET Facebook Group to chat with other participants?  

Yes, the reset has a private FB group for you to ask questions, chat to other participants and keep you motivated as you work through the 90-day programme. You’ll receive details of how to join when you sign up.

Can my friend join? 

Absolutely! Though the SLEEP + STRESS RESET is open to the first 300 subscribers only, so don’t delay – give them a call and make it a shared experience.

I’m stressed out and I sleep poorly – can I do the reset even if I’m not menopausal?  

The Sleep + Stress reset has been specifically created for women – and people who menstruate – who are experiencing perimenopause and menopause hormone sleep and stress changes.  

That said, if you are over 30 and you are experiencing new menstrual cycle irregularities and challenges with your sleep and stress, this could be the beginning of your perimenopause transition.

Can men do the SLEEP + STRESS RESET?  

Though we use the words ‘woman’ and ‘women’ in our communications, we very much welcome transgender and gender-nonconforming people who menstruate.  

The reset is not suitable for people assigned male at birth.

Do I have to keep up the supplements forever to keep feeling good? 

Issviva ZZZZs were specifically formulated with key botanicals and ingredients to help improve your sleep quality and quantity. Maintaining the supplement intake is entirely your choice.

What studies do you base your claims on?  

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