Coaching during menopause often emphasizes several key aspects to support women through this significant life transition.

Menopause coaching focuses on holistic well-being and addressing the physical, emotional, and psychological changes that occur during this phase.

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Intimate Symptoms

Vaginal atrophy: what is it and how is it treated?

Are you in menopause or have you already been through it and experienced vaginal burning or pain during...

Intimate Symptoms

Learn which vaginal infections are the most common

Vaginal infections are conditions that affect the external part of the female reproductive system. 

Intimate Symptoms

Pimples on the vulva: causes, symptoms, and prevention

Although very common, many women do not seek help when they notice pimples on the vulva, either due to ...

Intimate Symptoms

Intimate hygiene: how to look after yourself during menopause

Intimate hygiene is the intimate care for your genital area. Practicing this properly is an important 

Intimate Symptoms

Vaginal odour, why does it appear during menopause?

All vaginas naturally produce odours and this often depends on lifestyle, activities and general health. 

Intimate Symptoms

Vaginal cytology: what diseases can it identify?

Keeping track of our health is important throughout menopause. One regular screening that is recommended

Intimate Symptoms

Vaginal pH: why is it altered in menopause?

Vaginal pH is a crucial indicator of vaginal health. However, there are factors that can alter it and cause...

Body Symptoms

Pelvic Pain and Menopause: Everything you need to know

Are you going through menopause and experiencing pelvic pain? Find out everything you need to know here.




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